Virtual Cycle FAQ

Welcome to our Virtual Cycle FAQ. We've covered some popular questions here but if you don't see what you need please email us - - and we will get back to you ASAP!

What is a Virtual Cycle?

Simply put a virtual cycle is one that can take place at any time at any place and at your own place. It can be around your local town, on the beach or on a bike at the gym. It doesn't matter. It's the distance you cover during the virtual cycle event not where and when you do it.

Do I have to do it in one go?

No! You can do it in as many smaller cycles as you like as long as they are completed in the Virtual Cycle's cycling dates. It's completely up to you! You will receive an awesome medal for your efforts, no matter how you decide to run it!

What evidence do I need to provide?

It can be a screenshot from your cycling app on your phone or a picture of your bike's display or running watch display showing your cycle(s).

How do I submit my evidence?

By attaching your evidence to your email and sending it to - - unfortunately we cannot accept evidence submitted in any other way. All evidence must be submitted by the 14th of the following month to qualify for a medal!

When will I get my medal?

We aim to have your medal sent out within 2 weeks of receiving your evidence after the virtual run has ended.

I live outside the UK. Can I take part?

Of course you can! You will just have to pay slightly more to cover our P&P costs!

Who can enter?

Anyone! That's the beauty of a virtual event you can enter no matter who you are, where you are or how old you are. If you are under 18 you must enter and partake with a parent or guardians permission and supervision (this includes the running.) By entering one of our Virtual Cycles you acknowledge that you are taking part at your own risk and agree to waive any liability against the organisers for any injury, illness, loss or damage as a result of participation. Please see our virtual cycles terms and conditions for full information. 

Am I fit enough?

This is entirely at your own discretion. It's your sole responsibility for ensuring you are in a fit and capable condition to complete the virtual run you have entered. We recommend seeking a GP or other medical professionals advice on any elements of your medical history that may hinder you taking part successfully. We also recommend you seek a GP or other medical professionals advice on starting exercise if it is something you are not accustomed to. Please see our virtual cycles terms and conditions for full information. 

Is my entry transferable or refundable?

Unfortunately due to the nature of putting on a virtual cycling event entries are non-transferable and cannot be refunded. Sorry!