Challenge The Norm 2018 Cycle Challenge Participants Information

How do I log my cycling/spin?

You can log your runs in anyway you see fit. We recommend using one of the many great apps out there such as Strava, Garmin & Runkeeper (have a look on your phones app store!) With these you can screenshot the overview page showing the total distance.

Other ways you can log your cycling includes taking pictures of your distance on your exercise bike, keeping a record in an excel spreadsheet. Basically any way that you are comfortable with and what is easy for us to understand!

Once you've reached the required distance simply attach your evidence to an email and send it to - or you can submit on our iPhone/iPad app -

How do I track spin/my exercise bike doesn't track distance?

We understand that a lot of spin classes don't use bikes that are capable of showing a distance covered in a session. Due to the complexity of working and tracking this we have decided that 10 minutes of spin will equal 7KM in this challenge. Please track an exercise in your normal way and label as spin.

Join our FB group!

We've just set up a group for our Virtual Cycle so please do join and add any friends that are taking part too! -

When do I need to submit my evidence by?

We just ask that you submit your cycling evidence by 1pm on the 14th December in order that we can get your medal sent out to you ASAP! Early submissions are always welcome!

Cycling Gear

We also have a great range of clothing designed for the challenge including t-shirts, hoodies, tech wear and much more! You can get 10% off any gear on our site using code - VCYCLE10 - valid until midnight 31/10/18


Anything else?

We are reaching the end of the sign up period for the challenge so if you do have any friends, family or colleagues interested in signing up please get them to do so ASAP so they aren't disappointed. (link below)

If you have any questions or need any help please don't hesitate to message us!

Good luck!

We are sure you will all do yourself proud whilst raising money for a fantastic charity at the same! Please share your progress with us on twitter @challengetnorm and using the hashtags #CTNcycle and #ChallengeTheNorm

Thank you,